North America's trusted recruitment & staffing agency

North America's trusted recruitment & staffing agency

We specialize in assisting companies in making the ideal hires to drive their business forward. We aid both candidates and companies in achieving their full potential.

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Connecting Innovative Companies to Top Talent.

Looking to Hire?

We work with companies in search of outstanding talent, delivering expert guidance, resources, and customized service to make successful hires that fit seamlessly into their organizational culture.

Looking for a job?

At our recruitment and staffing agency, we strive to connect talented individuals with job opportunities that suit their skills and experience, leveraging our extensive network and resources. We take pride in providing end-to-end support to ensure that candidates and employers achieve the perfect fit.

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Executive/Retained Search

Our executive/retained search service finds highly qualified professionals to drive your company's success.

Permanent Recruitment

We connect organizations with talented professionals for long-term employment.

Temporary/Contract Staffing

We provide flexible and skilled professionals to support your organization's short-term needs.

Strategic Talent Consulting

We offer expert guidance to help organizations optimize their talent acquisition and management strategies.

Committed to your career development.

The Strategy Group offers 20+ years of collective recruitment experience with a specialty for fostering companies’ goals and growth by connecting them with top talent. We take great pride in our work and strive to be a strategic partner to both our clients and candidates.

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Our mission

We connect top-quality job seekers with potential employers for a mutually beneficial fit.
Require quality staff fast?
Fulfill Hiring Needs

Discover a flexible staffing solution that works for you.

Our staffing agency offers a range of flexible solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you need temporary or permanent staff, we are committed to finding the ideal solution that aligns with your objectives.

Specialized Areas

Strategy Group is WBE Canada Certified!

We are proud to announce that Strategy Group is now WBE Canada Certified! This certification opens doors to opportunities with large corporate and public sector organizations.

As a trusted, women-owned business, we look forward to leveraging best practices and engaging in valuable networking through WBE Canada’s events and workshops.


Helping you gain a competitive edge

We aim to propel your career. As an employment agency, we offer customized staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of both job seekers and employers.

Don’t hesitate to reach us!

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, and we’re always available to help with any staffing needs you may have.